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Get a beautiful Southern style porch for your home


Has the age of air-conditioning brought about the downfall of the southern tradition of porch-sitting?  No longer need the respite from your warm kitchen to your cool and shaded porch? Perhaps it’s not that at all; perhaps it’s just not all you thought it would be. Cook Bros. Construction can give you a southern front porch worthy of Granny’s sweet tea. One of the great gifts of living in East Tennessee is the pleasure of enjoying your front porch during much of the year. What refreshments do you enjoy on your front porch?

 See refreshing pictures of front porches and outdoor living areas at:

Made To Order


The Merriam-Webster definition of “made-to-order” is “produced to supply a special or an individual demand”. As homebuilders we often try to anticipate the needs and desires of a demographic of homebuyers purchasing new homes in the Greater Knoxville area. There are many things to consider. Location, location and location are always the first three things we look at! There is no doubt that location must be at the top of the list for anyone considering buying a new home or custom-building one. Beyond location we have to consider room count/use needs, square footage, garage capacity, energy efficiency concerns, interior and exterior amenities and the investment buyers will be willing to make based on all of those. That’s a lot, plus a whole bunch more somewhat less major concerns!


In 2013 less than 25% of all of the homes built in the U.S. were custom built for a specific owner. That means a full 75%+ were built for a little more general audience and built to sell. For many folks purchasing a new home off the shelf that fits just right works very well. Not having to make multiple moves, time constraints, and just the general custom building process in general deter many people from that experience. For those reasons and many more they look for new homes on that market that fit what their family wants and needs.

The fun for us is in assessing those needs and desires and creating them before we have even met the buyer! It gives us a lot of leeway in designing and creating a place that someone will proudly call home for years to come. One such home that we recently completed can be seen here.


Southern food needs a southern kitchen


Do you live in the south and enjoy all it has to offer?

Here in Tennessee, we associate the good ol’ south with a rich view of the mountains, sweet iced tea, and good times with friends on the front porch. But our familiar culture goes so much deeper than that. The people of East Tennessee are grounded in this rich culture…they know how to make lemonade with the perfect combination of sweet and tart. They know how to roast a pig nice and slow. They know how to make a house a home. That’s what we at Cook Bros. Construction want to give you when we build our homes. Knoxville is a special place full of special people. They deserve a special place to call “home.”

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Home Tip


Here at Cook Bros. Construction, we don’t just BUILD houses…we care for them, too!


Your house isn’t going to stay “like-new” all the time, so it’s important to keep it clean, especially in little nooks and crannies you wouldn’t otherwise think of cleaning.  This week’s Home Tip from CBC is to clean out your fridge! No, we aren’t just talking about throwing away what’s left of grandma’s frozen pie she sent home…we mean really, really wiping down the fridge with Lysol, Clorox, or another sanitizing agent. This will help kill bacteria and protect your food from germs and other yucky things. Keep watch on our page for next week’s Home Tip, brought to you by CBC!


Dream Tree House


What’s in your ideal Tree House?

Summer is winding down…before the kids head back to school, why don’t you work with them on a project that will give them memories to last a lifetime? The time is perfect to build them their very own Tree House! What are you waiting for?

Project Update


An update on the Creasy property!

A few months ago, we told you about our project with the Creasy property. We have successfully renovated this old model and built a new, more modern design! What do you think?

Open House


Have you ever wished you could tour the home of your dreams before you actually bought it? Well now you can!

With Cook Bros. Construction, you can tour your future home anytime on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3-5pm! Don’t worry about dealing with pushy agents when you visit our “open houses,” just you and your friends here at CBC. We will help you find the home of your dreams!

Contractor Tip


When deciding on a contractor to help you with your next project, choose someone who is familiar with your town.

Contractors who design homes will know more about the current styles and modifications in the part of town where they work the most often. You don’t want to hire a contractor that lives in New York to design your West Knoxville home, do you? Of course not! The Knoxville area is classic and refined in its culture and southern character. When you choose a contractor, choose one that it local to your hometown so your job won’t just be done, but it will be done with character!


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Time for Rest & Relaxation


Happy 4th of July weekend to you! This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends relaxing and just enjoying the time together. With any luck we’ll have sunny skies and be able to enjoy all of the East Tennessee activities we love, whether it be a hike in the mountains or a day on the lake.

What if just driving home caused you to relax? That’s what the residents of Tellico Village get to feel. We’ve been busy building a number of homes in “The Village” as it is affectionately called, and I’ll tell you that every time I get a few miles down the parkway it almost seems like any troubles fade away as fast as the trees going by. As the parkway gives way to the golf courses and the lake it’s almost like the world has taken a deep breath and is slowly exhaling.

 I’m not the only one that feels this way. Recently Tellico Village was awarded the 2014 Bliss Award for Happiest Community of the Year. You may read the article [here] to see why this community is such a great place to call home. If you or someone you know is looking to build a custom home in a place where every day revolves around rest and relaxation, then Tellico Village is a community that should definitely be considered. Take a drive out there and feel it for yourself as you motor down the parkway!

 Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend and as always, remember why we celebrate!rest-and-relaxation-contractor-tennessee


Contractor Tip


Building a house is a complicated process in and of itself. When you work with a contractor to build the home of your dreams, ensure that your contractor understands the necessity to communicate with you regularly. The key to a successful partnership is communication.

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